Speed to market

Configurable, no-code technology for rapid product launch.

Single customer view

Links disparate data siloes and seperate policy systems.


A branded customer environment for increased engagement.

Core microservices

Plus extensive ‘plug-and-play’ partners for extended solutions.

Omnichannel service

Complete online, offline and call centre servicing.

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Desktop Product Hub
Desktop Extranet Hub
Broker Desktop Admin Area
customer dashboard

Business benefits

Increase lifetime value

Increase retention and lifetime value through relevant customer touch points

Increased Multi-product holding

Promote the products that your customers need, when they need them

Reduce churn, generate loyalty

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce acquisition costs

Understanding data and behaviour

Improved automated decision making by ongoing customer insight

API first

Fully integrated, working with or independent of current legacy technology

Scalable Cloud-based platform

A solution that grows with your business, delivering sustainable solutions today and into the future

Ease of data access

Built around GDPR and privacy regulations

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your business profile
Your business profile
Your business profile
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Benefits for end users

Full Cycle Self Service Platform

Everything in one easy to access portal

Bringing Amazon-like journeys to Insurance

Individualised offers and personalised messaging

Online, ChatBot, Tablet, Desktop, Call Centre, Shop Front

Improved customer satisfaction across multiple touchpoints

Data led pricing and underwriting

Attract the customer you want to keep

Tailored and tangible rewards

Rewards Wallet driving customer lifetime value

Personalised content from any data source

Improve UX with pre-populated data