5 October 2023

Insurance internships: A Q&A with business student Zara

At HUG HUB, we believe that hands-on experience is essential for success in the professional world. That’s why we offer a range of  insurance internship opportunities for students and early-career professionals. Our internships provide individuals with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, work on real-world projects, and develop the skills they need to launch their careers.

This summer, we had the pleasure of having Zara, a third year university student pursuing a BSc in Banking and International Finance, for a 3-month internship. We recently caught up with Zara to about her experience and key learnings.

Q&A with Zara:

Q: What did you enjoy most about your time at HUG HUB?

One of the aspects I’ve enjoyed the most during my time at HUG HUB is the incredible people I’ve had the privilege to work with. The support, mentorship, and mutual trust from my colleagues created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made every day a pleasure.

Q: What skills have you honed during your time here?

A: I have seen improvements with my analytical, problem solving, and time management skills. I also got hands-on with Python for web-scraping, gained familiarity with the Agile framework, and mastered data mapping tools like AirTable.

Q: Were there any eye-opening experiences when you first joined?

It was fascinating to see how real-world business operations functioned, and I gained insights into the intricacies of the InsurTech industry, offering a level of understanding I hadn’t fully grasped before.

Q: Overall, how would you describe your experience at HUG?

Overall my experience at HUG HUB has been enriching and rewarding. Besides honing business analysis skills, I got a glimpse into consulting, finance, project management, sales, and the intricate world of a CEO’s responsibilities.

Zara’s journey is a shining example of what emerging professionals can experience. We wish her the best and look forward to welcoming more interns in the future.

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