16 December 2020

HUG HUB partners with World Programming

Introducing digital FNOL data capture solutions and operational analytics for insurers and MGA’s

HUGHUB is delighted to announce a new partnership with World Programming to integrate their analytics solutions into the HUGHUB platform being used by Insurers and MGAs.

Data analytics is playing an increasingly important role for forward-thinking insurers and intermediaries. HUGHUB’s Digital Technology harnesses the power of this data to drive profitable outcomes for its customers and this partnership extends HUGHUB’s ability to service them by offering access to World Programming’s WPS Analytics technology.

The HUGHUB insurance software uses data, rules and an events driven architecture to enable Insurance Companies to personalise and streamline the buying and servicing  interaction with their clients. World Programming analytics solutions will be integrated into HUGHUB’s claims processes to help insurers address operational analytics and digital claims processing challenges and other mission-critical back and front office data analytical tasks.

World Programming’s WPS Analytics software can help insurers develop, deploy and govern operational analytics processes including data management and predictive modelling for tasks such as traditional insurance challenges of pricing, claims and fraud to more sophisticated elastic, optimised risk-based modelling. Insurers will be able to take advantage via the HUGHUB platform of hosted analytics as a service and data processing applications written in the languages of SAS, Python and R.

First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) is receiving a radical shake-up and World Programming are at the forefront of digital FNOL (eFNOL). Traditionally it can take several weeks for an insurance company to process a claim but now insurers are looking to process claims in minutes. eFNOL will revolutionise the way insurers handle claims.

Scott Thomson, Global Head of Insurance at World Programming says;

“The partnership between World Programming and HUGHUB represents a step-change in the way insurers can enhance their operational business. It’s all about getting the right technology to the right place to make better insurance decisions in a shorter time – insurers will benefit and so will their customers.”

Jonathan Davey, Chief Executive Officer at HUGHUB says;

“The HUGHUB platform is transforming the customer experience for retailers of insurance, using data and customer behaviour to provide more intelligent customer journeys and a true single customer view. Our partnership with World Programming is the first in a series of strategic partnerships where we are able to pair our ‘best in class’ customer centric technologies with other specialist systems, creating an unbeatable HUGHUB ecosystem supporting Insurers, Brokers and MGA’s.”


HUGHUB is a digital transformation platform for retailers of insurance. HUGHUB enables improved and streamlined processes, delivers better customer experiences and outcomes, whilst driving sales growth and lowering operational costs.

HUGHUB improves time to market for new insurance products, increases customer loyalty and resolves many of the challenges associated with legacy technologies by integrating and empowering them to remove silos.

HUGHUB’s customer base includes Insurance Brokers, MGA’s and Insurers as well as applications in the Legal Industry.

For further information about HUGHUB, visit https://www.hughub.co.uk/.

About World Programming

World Programming offers data analytics software and services including its leading WPS Analytics platform. World Programming is helping organisations to modernise, save money and move data science and analytics processes into the cloud. Their global customer base covers all industry sectors and includes many big brand names.

For further information about World Programming, visit www.worldprogramming.com.







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