20 February 2018

HUGHUB at Agile India

On March 4th Asia’s largest Agile and Lean conference kicks off in Bengaluru, India. We’re incredibly excited to announce that Prasad Prabhakaran will be speaking on Digital Transformation Day, with HUGHUB at the heart of his session.

Prasad’s work at business and technology transformation consultancy Holley Holland as well as on HUGHUB’s InsurTech insurance software which puts his focus at an interesting intersection between start-up passion and enterprise discipline.

InsurTech leading Digital Transformation

Digital disruption surfaces from all directions in the form of various emerging and rapidly advancing technologies. For businesses to remain relevant they need to adopt these new tools or risk losing their customers to those who have already embraced the capabilities these technologies can provide.

Prasad believes that customer experience should be at the heart of the proposition; recognising the customer as valuable and meeting their needs in order to establish a trusting and loyal relationship.

What customers want is an Amazon-like buying journey; simple, slick and stress-free. In order to achieve this, businesses need a highly responsive, personalised and collaborative ecosystem.
Exciting new technologies and patterns, such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT (SMACIT) all need to be leveraged to achieve this.

HUGHUB’s Digital Solution

Prasad emphasises that the best businesses – the ones everyone wants to be associated with – are those that combine digital activity with strong leadership and empathy with their customers to turn technology into transformation. Driving digital change requires leaders to envision how to transform their company to embrace today’s digital world.

HUGHUB’s InsurTech platform places the customer at the heart of the business proposition. Designed to provide an optimised user experience, HUGHUB maximises the use of data to provide an individual, personalised experience and ensure that customers feel known, recognised and valued.

HUGHUB also serves to strengthen operational efficiency by sitting above existing IT infrastructure, acting as a ‘digital wrapper’ to resolve disparate data siloes and provide a singular view of the customer.

HUGHUB at Agile India

Three Guiding Principles

HUGHUB follows three guiding principles of software development and product engineering:

1. Time to market
A zero touch deployment pipeline which promotes small changes into production within minutes

2. Learning from the customer
Design thinking and a ‘lean start-up’ approach, encompassing frequent ‘show and tell’ sessions

3. Continuous everything
Testing, delivery, deployment, learning, improvement. Providing an opportunity for early and frequent feedback, reflection and retrospection

HUGHUB empowers teams using a ‘lean start-up’ approach and true Agile belief system to respond to the need for speed and alignment with customer needs.

Join Prasad at Agile India

Prasad’s session at Agile India is all about his experience with how digital platforms such as HUGHUB can provide enhanced customer engagement while strengthening operational backbones to respond to changing market dynamics.

Join Prasad on March 8th 2018 at the Taj West End to hear more about the application of start-up solutions to lead enterprise digital transformation.

About Holley Holland

Holley Holland is a business and technology transformation consultancy based in the UK and US who work in partnership with its clients to address and overcome challenges within the financial services industry.

These challenges – whether the focus requires business, IT, regulatory or insurance transformation – often require solutions that use contemporary technology to digitise and automate business functions and processes.

HUGHUB is Holley Holland’s InsurTech solution to the ever-changing demands and requirements of today’s digital insurance customer. Combining a start-up mind-set with a disciplined agile approach, HUGHUB seeks to revolutionise the way insurance retailers interact with their customers, placing the consumer at the heart of the proposition.

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