24 May 2022

HUG HUB to reduce broker’s quote time by up to 75%*

HUG HUB has developed a new exciting Insurance software solution called Extranet HUB, which will allow HUG HUB to provide their customers with comparative SME quotes using insurer extranets.

Insurance brokers regularly use multiple insurance company extranets, incurring an significant administrative burden and cost.

According to research conducted by HUG HUB, brokers are:

  • Wasting too much time in rekeying.
  • Putting effort into multiple extranets that don’t deliver consistent results.
  • Uncertain whether the right extranets will be selected and correctly used
    by their staff.

The solution for brokers
Extranet HUB allows Brokers to key risk information just once. Quotes are received rapidly from all available markets including insurer and MGA extranets, delegated authority schemes and industry quotation platforms.

Extranet HUB not only eliminates the need for rekeying, it also creates greater conversion rates.

“On average, this revolutionary new platform will save brokers around 75% of their usual costs for quoting and placing commercial e-trade policies. This allows them to allocate their resources elsewhere, increasing revenue,” says Alex Durham, Senior Account Executive at HUG HUB.

Benefits for insurers
“Through Extranet HUB, insurers will receive quote requests in every area they choose. Plus, our outstanding data delivery enables insurers to identify brokers with the best risks and distribution opportunities to strategically grow their agency,” added Alex.

“We are very excited to bring Extranet HUB to the market,” says HUG HUB CEO Jonathan Davey. “It will revolutionise the way brokers place commercial lines business and support insurers too.”


Find out more Extranet HUB here in this article by Insurance Age featuring our CEO, Jonathan Davey.


Want to speak to the team? Get in touch with Alex our Senior Account Executive for an Extranet HUB overview or send us an email at enquiries@extranethub.com.


*Extranet HUB will save brokers up to 75% in time/cost, based on an average of four quotes being done for SME risks seen