27 June 2023

HUG HUB at MGAA 2023: Showcasing the Future of Insurance Solutions

HUG HUB, a leading player in the InsurTech sector, is thrilled to announce its participation in the 2023 MGAA conference in London on 6th July. This marks our debut as exhibitors, although we’ve been active attendees for several years as an MGAA member. Our CEO, Jonathan Davey, a founding member of the MGAA, holds the organization close to his heart.

Community in Action: The Heart of HUG HUB’s Mission

This year’s theme, ‘Community in Action’, resonates deeply with our ethos. As seasoned participants in the insurance industry, we leverage our experience and expertise.  This helps us create innovative insurance solutions that simplify life and enhance profitability for the insurance community. Our passion for insurance and the transformative potential of new technology drives us to continually improve for all stakeholders within our sector.

HUG HUB’s Modular, Scalable Full-Cycle Digital Policy Admin Platform

One such innovation is the HUG HUB modular, scalable full-cycle digital policy admin platform. This tool empowers insurance retailers to expedite digital transformation, achieve substantial business efficiencies, and boost profitability. Our highly configurable, cloud-based software comprises eight ‘hubs’, each handpicked to cater to your specific business needs and scalable at any time.

Choose from our fully branded Customer HUB, Agent HUB, Quote HUB, Rules HUB, Product HUB, Broker HUB, API HUB, and Extranet HUB. All of these integrate seamlessly with existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution for your business.

An Intuitive, Data-Driven, and Hyper-Personalised Environment

Our platform offers an intuitive, data-driven, and hyper-personalised ‘Amazon-like’ environment that unifies disparate policy systems. This makes customer buying journeys and self-management straightforward and convenient, fostering customer retention. The HUG HUB platform also provides a turn-key solution for new products, enabling launch to market in a matter of days, not months. In essence, our platform delivers significant benefits for the insurance retail community.

Extranet HUB: A Ground-Breaking Time-Saving Solution

Extranet HUB, our latest product. Offers a unique, ground-breaking time-saving solution to the commercial broker community and multiple benefits to the insurer and MGA communities. SME brokers need only key risk data once into a dynamic question set to obtain quotes from the multiple insurer extranets on our panel, simultaneously. This drastically reduces valueless admin, cuts costs, and enhances customer service by making business more efficient.
For MGAs and insurers, being part of the Extranet HUB panel ensures increased broker use of their extranets. Providing them the opportunity to quote for every risk within their appetite. This allows for improved digital distribution and increased sales volumes.

Find out more

For more information about HUG HUB and Extranet HUB, please contact us at enquiries@hughub.co.uk  and visit us at the MGAA conference on July 6th on stand 99.

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