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The age of dynamic customer experience in financial services!

4th July 2017
Call centre agent on a phone headset

As technology advances become more important in our day-to-day lives, customer behaviours and expectations are changing – it’s vital for businesses to react.

We believe the key is to establish a seamless customer experience across all of your business channels – whether online, mobile, contact centre or branch.

Allowing customers to move from one channel to another and experience a smooth, dynamic, personalised journey – recognised each time and treated as an individual.

It’s time to integrate your marketing activity and channels

Creating such an ecosystem – where there is a closed loop in regards to action and impact – is challenging. Insurers and brokers alike are increasingly realising the importance of multichannel servicing, with most now interacting with their customers across numerous touchpoints – whether online, through contact centre, branches and social channels.

However, while customers may be positive and accept different service levels from different channels, they expect the communication to remain consistent – and that creates a real omnichannel challenge.

When answered, this can significantly affect your bottom-line.

In fact, recent analysis showed that companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared with 33% for those with weaker omnichannel delivery (source: Aberdeen Group Inc.)

diagram of four pillars becoming one pillar

A typical example of poor channel integration is the frustration felt by customers having to repeat their issues to multiple representatives of the same company. A recent Accenture analysis showed that this affects 89% of customers. Service examples such as this affect customer attitudes towards the brand and their loyalty.

We believe the demand for omnichannel customer experience will be amplified by the need for near perfect execution, with companies increasingly competing and being differentiated by customer experience.

Right now, 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience (source: Kampyle).

Creating an omnichannel experience – across all channels

A significant opportunity to apply new FinTech capabilities, enhancing the existing functionality of your core systems.

HUGHUB interfaces with existing technology stacks, meaning no changes to current IT infrastructure and no previous investment wasted, whilst integrating previously disparate channels into one seamless and flexible experience.

Delivering relevance and data-driven performance, with consistency and quality.

Harnessing the power of your customer data and deploying it across all devices and channels, creating an optimised experience. Relevant. Impactful. Effective.

Digital is just the start …

How to empower your front-line teams

By placing the consumer at the heart of the business and integrating your customer touchpoints, HUGHUB can create a personalised experience through all channels – from digital through to voice.

computer screen showing the agent view

Agent view: Providing access to our single customer view and the full customer relationship (product holdings and quote history), your contact centre or branch advisor is empowered to recognise the customer and provide a better, more informed experience.

Contact history: Enabling improved customer conversations – your agent is able to add both context and relevance for each customer with access to a simple visual timeline of recent communications with them (such as email, SMS or post) and prior customer interaction with your business (such as an in-bound servicing call or even site browsing).

Next-best actions: Agent View enables contact centre or branch agents to access intelligent prompts, prioritising ‘targeted’ guidance as to the next most effective course of action (whether conversion, cross & upsell, retention and even data collation) once the core customer need has been met. Driven by the CRM, bespoke to each brand and managed directly by you or by HUGHUB directly.

Helping your efficiency by industrialising your customer sales and service process.

Driving increased relevance to your customers – through personalisation and an experience that responds to their behaviour. Better overall performance for you and better service for your customers.

HUGHUB can help your business 

Let’s create a simply better customer experience within financial services. HUGHUB would be delighted to see how we can help you meet your business challenges today.