Introduction to HUGHUB video

Video transcript

Imagine if your customers could view all their insurance protection in one place – and so could you – as part of an integrated technology platform designed to increase your profitability, differentiating you more sharply against competitors, growing your business to plan.

This is HUGHUB.

HUGHUB provides a customer-centric technology platform that proactively engages customers across all your products lines, whatever your mix may be. Integrating your channels and brands, offering them an exceptional experience, from first interaction and purchase to servicing all their ongoing insurance needs.

Every customer contact is individual and personalised, responsive to their behaviour, bringing to life an intuitive customer journey that drives sales. An experience they’ll instinctively enjoy and value, with all their products in one place.

Access through an easy self-service portal – they’ll feel you really know them. They’ll connect and connect more frequently. At its core, HUGHUB will drive improvements to customer lifetime value, increasing conversions as well as up-selling, cross selling and retention. Through more effective use and understanding of data, delivering smarter, more informed marketing at every single stage of their experience, whichever channels you use – digital, mobile, post or voice.

The HUGHUB technology platform will make you more agile – increasing your speed to market for new products, interacting with your customers in real time, placing data and insight at the heart of your business, allowing better, more insightful business decisions too. Enabling you to nimbly yet accurately optimise pricing, product selection and customer service. Helping you to truly differentiate against competitors while driving greater customer satisfaction and loyalty to your valuable brand.

By integrating all your product servicing and policy administration you can expect increased profitability, lower expenditure and improved revenues as the HUGHUB platform drives operational efficiencies and reduces costs.

For brokers and other retailers, insurers and affinity partners.

You only need to ask yourself “am I ready to transform our customer interaction and engagement?”

HUGHUB – increased profitability, improved efficiency, working smarter.

And your customers will love it.