Data-driven, intelligent marketing

Customers now expect any brand to recognise them and the value of their relationship, to demonstrate an awareness of previous interactions and continue the conversation from one channel to another.

HUGHUB’s insurance software enables each business to deliver a single, connected experience across channels and drive relevant, contextual marketing into each touchpoint.

Driven by data, our platform allows you to customise each interaction based on everything you know about the customer – their profile, interests or actions – enabling you to deliver relevant, targeted content.

  • Relevant. Timely. Effective.
Data driven chart showing the different sectors

Synchronised, automated, personalised communications

HUGHUB powers automated marketing – targeted to the individual and synchronised across multiple communication channels – creating a personalised experience and enhanced customer communications, which in turn leads to increased performance and engagement.

HUGHUB CRM is a dynamic platform that delivers informed and relevant marketing, using data held within HUGHUB SCV – this could include targeted cross-sell or upsell activity (driven by behaviour) through to adjusting imagery and messaging for certain age groups (driven by data).

HUGHUB CRM coordinates activity across a full range of direct media (such as email, SMS and post) and across the business channels such as website (on-site display), contact centre or branch (HUGHUB Agent View).

  • Controlled, effective and efficient
  • Synchronised across multiple channels
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Campaign Builder – delivering relevance in the moment

HUGHUB Campaign Builder enables your business to respond to individual user behaviour and drive communications in the moment – maximising impact and effectiveness through exploiting timeliness. It can execute proactively planned activities – typically rules-based activity.

These operate on an ad-hoc or rolling basis (and will be rules-based), targeting the needs of relevant selected segments (applying appropriate contract rules, exclusions and suppressions). An example of this could be renewal date-driven email activity to past enquirers or lapse customer win-back, approaching the customer with a refreshed quote prior to their forthcoming renewal.

  • Personalised to the individual, responsive to customer behaviour
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‘Trigger-based’ marketing

We have identified a range of core marketing ‘trigger’ activities that drive performance, working across a range of business objectives – from acquisition and win-back, conversion, upsell, cross-sell and retention, through to advocacy. These could include; post-quote follow-up activity, which may comprise a series of emails (timing dependent on inception date), or an outbound voice call, or a reminder to take-up and important optional extras, or promote a multi-car message at the end of a purchase journey (where the customer has indicated multiple cars in the household).

  • Maximising the marketing opportunity
  • Personalised car insurance advert for Mark
  • Multi car insurance discount advert
  • Personalised family insurance advert for Jonathan
  • Home car insurance advert
  • Age discount advert for car insurance

Continual optimisation – creating a learning environment

HUGHUB CRM delivers the ability to run continual AB testing, trialling new thinking against an established ‘control group’ approach, enabling you to understand the effective mix of media/channel, audience segments, frequency, timing, creative and message and offer. 

  • Performance-driven marketing, driving increased customer engagement and value.

See how it works

  • Travel insurance advert with image of a rucksack
  • Travel insurance advert with image of Skis
  • Travel insurance advert with image of Skis and a large call to action button