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Benefits for insurance Brokers

Eliminating rekeying, saving time and money

Benefits for insurance Brokers

Access a wider market directly, every time you quote

Benefits for insurance Brokers

Optimise your insurer placement strategy

Benefits for insurance Brokers

Improve your efficiency, growth and conversion rates

Benefits for carriers and underwriters

Increase the use and ROI of your extranet

Benefits for carriers and underwriters

Provide more quotes matching your underwriting criteria

Benefits for carriers and underwriters

Access meaningful data to improve broker-driven business

Benefits for carriers and underwriters

Drive efficiency and growth – with minimal investment

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    Our frequently asked questions

    Extranet HUB is a user-friendly web-based quotation engine that uses a single question set to retrieve multiple SME commercial quotes from Insurer Extranets, saving huge amounts of time and effort re-keying!
    Ultimately our Partners are exactly the same as your Partners! We work with UK-based insurers and MGAs that have extranets to distribute their products to brokers.

    Aside from the flexibility of using the extranet of your choice, we can integrate your own embedded schemes within the quote process to further eliminate the need for re-keying while optimizing your market engagement and quote returns.
    Yes, with Extranet HUB you use your own agencies.
    Extranet Hub is a standalone platform that does not require any integration or configuration with your existing Software House. However, HUG HUB already integrates with Applied EPIC and Open GI.
    We are currently offering Extranet HUB free of charge for 3 months for brokers who sign up to the platform at the 2022 BIBA conference. Following the free trial, a small pay-per-use fee and a license fee will be charged per user, if you wish to continue.