Key benefits:

Increase cross and up-sell
Drive increased revenue
Recognise the customer
Increase lifetime value
Easy connection to aggregator sites
Inspire brand advocates

All insurance in one place

HUG HUB presents the full product range in a fully branded dynamic and engaging front-end display, which seamlessly integrates with existing systems. Making it easy for customers to manage their existing insurance and buy new products online.

Improve cross and upsell

For improved quote and buy journeys, data fields are pre-populated. Marketing relevant to life stage protection requirements, based on real-time data insight. Customers feel ‘known’, proven to increase average product holding and lifetime value.

Gain and retain customers

Scalable and utilising no-code configuration, the platform allows rapid new product creation and launch to market. The intuitive platform encourages customer engagement and retention. To aid acquisition, the platform also easily connects to aggregator sites.