With HUG HUB’s tailorable B2B insurance software, you can easily launch, manage, and report on your set of product lines.

Our data-driven approach allows you to automatically promote recommended products to customers, increasing the likelihood of upsells and pushing lifetime value. And, with a seamless customer platform that provides everything a user needs (and didn’t know they needed) in a single place, HUG HUB’s insurance software improves customer satisfaction. Higher customer satisfaction = less query calls = decreased outgoings!

Working in collaboration with you, our team will build a portal that works for you – with customer and business features that meet your exact requirements.

HUG HUB’s software for insurance agents and brokers ensures that your excellent offerings are excellently represented. Discover the benefits below and get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

A screenshot of the business portal in HUG HUB's insurance platform.

Key benefits:

Drive increased revenue
Increased cross and up-sell
Increase lifetime value
Decrease inbound enquiries
Recognise the customer

Flexible across product set

We can incorporate Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Healthcare Products or any other protection product mix. HUG HUB presents products in a fully branded, easy-to-buy customer environment that seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

All insurance in one place

HUG HUB’s insurance software makes it easy for customers to manage their existing insurance, get rewards, and buy new products online. This, in turn, reduces reliance on call centres and aids operational efficiencies. Relevant, personalised messaging encourages engagement and improves retention, cross sell, product holding, and lifetime value.

Fast product launch

Highly flexible, scalable, and utilising a no-code configuration, the platform allows rapid new product creation and launch-to-market in days rather than months.