Delivering value for you and your customers

Our platform offers many benefits for you and your customers – increasing customer value and driving down operational costs, whilst delivering greater ease and relevance across your services and touch-points.

By placing customers at the heart of your business, HUGHUB unlocks the real value to be gained from offering families full protection.

  • Better overall performance for you and better service for your customers.
Word cloud showing all of the different values

Benefits for business

  • Improved business performance Business growth, increased profit, maximised operational efficiency
  • Exceptional customer experience Improved sales and service journeys. Intuitive, relevant and easy
  • Enhanced conversion, cross and upsell Drive through our customer journey and intelligent marketing
  • Increased retention From more connected, engaged customers with deeper relationships
  • Greater customer lifetime value Improved multi-product holding, encouraging retention and profitability
  • Lower operational costs Flexible technology, speed to market and increased digital self-service
  • Creating a dynamic omnichannel environment Unifying existing legacy systems, integrating disparate customer channels
  • Better business decision-making Effective performance reporting, aided by intelligent customer insight
  • Differentiation against competitors Better service increased relevance and customer satisfaction

Benefits for customers

  • All your insurance in one place Whether general insurance, life and health or commercial lines
  • Easy access to protection, whenever needed Access to all documents and services 24/7, when they need them most
  • Simple, convenient and flexible Intuitive self-serve portal, offering purchase and ongoing service journeys
  • Personalised experience – recognising value Customers feel known and recognised through pre-population of data, personalisation and full ‘relationship’ view
  • Great user experience Common across all platforms, technology and data-enriched – ensuring an easier and more effective engagement
  • Building on the trusted personal relationship Evolving digital channels to broker standard levels of service