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Our platform - key features

Born digital for today’s customer

Fully branded, data rich, omni-channel environment

Highly configurable technology

Core of digital microservices plus extensive partner ecosystem

Scalable Cloud-based platform

A solution that grows with your business, delivering sustainable solutions today and into the future

Rapid product development

Launch any product to market within weeks not months

Unify disparate policy systems

Resolve data silos, all your customer information at your fingertips

Data and behaviour led solution

Maintain a continuous 1:1 relationship with your customers

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Our partners

Compare the Market
Premium Credit
Close Brothers
UK Vehicle Data

Meet our team

Andrew Holley
Andrew Holley Founder, Executive Chairman and COO
Jonathan Davey
Jonathan Davey Chief Executive Officer
Slava Solovei
Slava Solovei Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Bimson
Christopher Bimson Head of Development & Support
Lauren Holley
Lauren Holley Delivery Manager
Timothy Knight
Timothy Knight Technical Lead
Alex Durham
Alex Durham Senior Account Executive

A disruptive insurance solution

The HUG HUB solution compiles modern technology with valuable data, creating an unrivalled solution in terms of client personalisation and relevance, driving profitability, efficiency and smarter working. Our insurance customer portal is a disruptive solution in the industry, helping our clients accelerate digital transformation to effectively compete in a digital-first world. A revolutionary and differentiated new way for brokers, insurers and other insurance retailers to present the full range of insurance products and services to customers in both B2C and B2B environments.

Maximising customer engagement

HUG HUB offers fully branded, seamless digital insurance business software that takes advantage of increasingly flexible and smart digital capability. Our insurance customer portal gives customers a simple and convenient place to purchase and manage all of their policies, growing your business and improving relationships.

In addition to delivering value to your company, our insurance business software is a unique customer-centric business platform which places customers at the heart of what you do.

Transforms customer interaction and engagement, with a personalised experience.
Keeps all insurance in one place, offering customers the ability to manage any product within their insurance portal.
Places the customer at the heart of your business and user experience, with easy access to protection 24/7.
A simple and flexible insurance software offering purchase and ongoing service journeys.